Friday, December 15, 2006

Greg Travis backs down

Facing mounting public pressure, Greg Travis (husband of County Council president Sophia Travis) removed personal information from his web site yesterday. Even some Leftists had urged Travis to take down this private information, including Driver's License numbers, phone numbers and addresses, from his Web site

Using the pseudonym "mimicus", Greg Travis said on a local forum that the position of the chairman of the MCGOP is that the information including DLNs, SSNs, and birthdates is crucial identify information necessary to determine if the individual in question committed vote fraud or not.

Greg Travis made his choice. Did Monroe County Republican Party chairman Franklin Andrew hack into and post those images? No, those images were posted by Greg Travis, and the responsibility for those posts lies 100% at the feet of Greg Travis.

Are Greg Travis and his sidekick Don Moore (husband of Bloomington City Clerk Regina Moore) intelligent enough to comprehend the difference between posting private information on the Internet and making that same information available to anyone who physically goes to the County Clerk's office? Both have made this utterly stupid comparison.

Greg Travis has attempted to justify exposing private infomration by arguing that identity theft is possible when those absentee ballot applications are "in the custody of the Monroe County Republican party, as well as the Monroe County Democratic Party".

The fact of the matter is that the odds are extremely low that such private information, in the hands of the MCRP, MCDP, or County Clerk's Office employees, will be used for identity theft. When someone like Greg Travis posts that information on the Internet, however, the chance that identity theft will take place becomes much greater. Greg Travis knows this to be true.

Travis would go on to whine that "the Bloomington Alternative does not have the resources to electronically redact the voter absentee application forms. That is bovine feces, and he knows it. How long does it take to black out that information in Microsoft Paint? One minute per application? The attempts by Greg Travis to excuse his inexcusable behavior are getting pathetic.

I applaud Greg Travis for reversing his earlier highly childish decision and removing this private and personal information from the Internet. However, the fact remains that Greg Travis should never have posted this information on the Internet to begin with. He should be ashamed of himself for doing so and should apologize to all of the people who had their private and personal information posted online.

I call on all elected Democrats (especially County Council president Sophia Travis) to renounce this behavior. Greg Travis has expressed little remorse for exposing private information such as Driver's License numbers on the Internet, and continues to blame the Monroe County Republican Party for his inexcusable behavior.