Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Is this the same Patrick Baker?

Is this the same Patrick Baker who represented John Myers?

MARTINSVILLE ó Fed up with defense allegations that their daughter may have been pregnant when she was killed, or was having a relationship with a married man she worked with, Eric and Marilyn Behrman spoke out Thursday evening.

"We are appalled at the statements that Mr. Patrick Baker is allowed to make regarding the character of our daughter, Jill Kristen Behrman," the dead womanís father said outside the Morgan County Courthouse. "Must we be forced to live with Mr. Bakerís accusations? Jill is certainly unable to defend herself, just as she was that day in May 2000."

Morgan County Prosecutor Steve Sonnega called Bakerís assertions "outrageous" and unsubstantiated.
Herald-Times, October 20, 2006.