Thursday, August 31, 2006

Is Baron Hill buying votes?

I got this in my e-mail inbox last night. The incident CFT is referring to saw Baron Hill inviting people to fill up their gas tanks while he paid the difference between the cost of gas two years ago and today.

For more information, contact
Bud Bernitt, President, Citizens for Truth

August 30, 2006
Citizens for Truth to file formal complaint against ex-Congressman Baron Hill

Citizens for Truth is filing a formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission and the State Election Commission first thing Thursday morning. This complaint concerns an event today where Baron Hill used campaign funds in a questionable manner. Citizens for Truth is concerned that his campaign stunt may go beyond the limits of the law.

Citizens for Truth is calling for the Federal Election Commission and the Indiana Secretary of State to investigate the possible violation of law by the Hill campaign and to take appropriate action if wrongdoing is found.

Hill’s campaign event comes on the heels of Mike Weaver, another Democratic candidate for Congress in Kentucky, being investigated by the U.S Attorney for vote buying for a campaign stunt nearly identical to Hill’s event. (See

“The integrity of the electoral process is at stake here,” said Bud Bernitt, founder and president of Citizens for Truth. “Elections should be won on issues and principles, and by keeping within the law. We want to ensure that this election is conducted lawfully."

I must say I am very disturbed by Baron Hill's behavior.