Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Captured troops "brutally tortured"

Words cannot express the outrage I am feeling right now over this story in the New York Times. What was done here is an unspeakable evil. It is difficult to comprehend how someone could do this. Perhaps the al Qaeda terrorists were posessed by demons, maybe even Satan himself. Here are some quotes from the article:

  • "A senior Iraqi military official said the two men had been 'brutally tortured'."

  • "Both bodies showed evidence of 'severe trauma' and that they could not be conclusively identified."

  • "The remains of the men would be sent to the United States for DNA testing to determine definitively their identities. That seemed to suggest that the two Americans had been wounded or mutilated beyond recognition."

  • Maj. Gen. Abdul Azziz Mohammed Jassim said "he could confirm the two Americans had been "killed in a very brutal way and tortured."

  • "It was a brutal torture. The torture was something unnatural."

  • "The American team sent to recover the bodies and wreckage found 19 bombs on the road leading to the site and around the wreckage itself, the American military official in Baghdad said."

The disgusting brutality of this war crime brings to mind the Holocaust and the crimes against humanity committed by Nazi Germany.

One thing is clear. We are not dealing with a legitimate enemy. These people are not "insurgents". They don't even qualify as human beings. They must be exterminated with extreme prejudice like the vermin filth they are. We cannot allow such a despicable act to go without massive retaliation.