Friday, April 14, 2006

Hostettler slams President Bush

From the Indianapolis Star:

WASHINGTON -- The Indiana Republican who heads a House immigration panel criticized the Bush administration Tuesday for not cracking down on illegal immigrants at Monday's immigration rallies.

"It was stunning to realize that so many lawbreakers concentrated in one area were given a free pass by federal law enforcement," said Rep. John Hostettler, chairman of the immigration and border security panel on the House Judiciary Committee. "The administration demonstrated once again that it would continue not to take seriously its constitutional obligation to 'take care that the laws be faithfully executed' when it comes to the enforcement of our immigration laws."

Wow. Hostettler proves once again that he is not afraid to go against his own political party when he stands up for what he believes is right.

President Bush is wrong on immigration "reform" The Senate bill, which offers a guest worker program and sets out procedures for those illegally in the country to become American citizens, is basically an amnesty bill. The Senate bill, if passed by both houses and signed into law, will encourage more illegal immigration and make the problems we have now worse. Amnesty does not work.

We need to get serious about border security. With people flowing across the border, how do we know that an al Qaeda terrorist has not infiltrated by way of Mexico? Even if we can keep Islamic terrorists from coming in this way, what about the danger of the highly violent and growing MS-13 gang? How do we assimilate people who are here illegally?

I support immigration. This country was built on immigration and people seeking both better economic opportunities and the individual liberty that comes from being an American. I believe people who want to come here for a better life are an asset to the country.

However, immigration must be controlled. An open and unsecured border like we have now is a major hole in our security that should have been plugged years ago. One of the lessons of September 11 was that we need to have more control and oversight when it comes to who enters this country and how long they stay here. The ruins of the twin towers should have been the end of the debate on border security.

President Bush criticized the Minutemen activists as "vigilantes" when they were watching the border with Mexico and reporting illegal entry into the country. But when this administration does not enforce the laws it is required to enforce, how do you expect people to react? Perhaps President Bush should look at his own inexcusable failure to secure our borders in the post 9/11 world before he criticizes Americans trying to defend their country.

Walter Williams had an excellent column on this issue earlier this week.