Friday, April 7, 2006

Throw her in jail.

Last week, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was stopped by a Capitol Hill police officer as she was entering a House office building. The police officer did not recognize her and she was not wearing the lapel pin that allows her to go into the building without passing through a metal detector, so he asked her for identification. In response, McKinney hit the police officer.

Wow, that's a mature response from the Congresswoman. Perhaps she never learned the lesson about not hitting that normal people learned by the time we entered kindergarten. Instead, she responded to a problem with violence, not unlike what Osama bin Laden did on September 11, 2001. The claim that she was "assaulted and placed in impending fear of her safety" is a bold faced lie. She was delayed, as anyone else would be, for the safety of the other members of Congress and their staffs.

McKinney and her supporters are whining and crying because the police officer did not recognize her. Indeed, CNN reports that some of McKinney's supporters were carrying handwritten placards that read "Recognize our congresswoman".

My response, as you could probably predict:

There are 435 members of the U.S. House and 100 members of the Senate. Does McKinney expect that every police officer and security guard will recognize all of them by face? Had McKinney taken responsibility for herself and worn her lapel pin, she would never have had a problem.

I would suggest that McKinney read the following verses from Proverbs - 8:13, 11:2, 13:10, 16:18 and 29:23. I would also remind the Dishonorable Representative McKinney that she was sent to Washington to represent her constituents, not to become a celebrity. For more on McKinney, read this article on Front Page Magazine.

Since McKinney decided to shamelessly play the race card, I will play the much more appropriate class card: If McKinney is not prosecuted for the criminal assault on a police officer, it will be an example of classist preference for a member of Congress. If we are truly a nation of laws and not men, McKinney must be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law. She must not be granted special rights for being a Congresswoman.