Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Big storm

We had a tremendous storm on Sunday night. There are downed limbs all over my neighborhood, including one tree-sized limb that landed inches from one house. A nearby apartment complex had a section of the roof completely sheared off - the only thing between the top-floor apartment and the sky was the apartment's ceiling. No pictures, because my camera is not functioning properly.

We lost power at 9:15 last night. The power came on at about 1:00 a.m. The loss of electricity brought an interesting observation: Nano likes to chase the flashlight beam the same way he likes to chase the laser pointer. So how do you use light as a tool without it becoming a toy? That lightened up the mood, no pun intended. As we drove to a friend's house, we saw a telephone pole that had been snapped in half by the strong winds. Another large tree was felled just outside a nearby store and the west side Marsh has its windows smashed by the winds.

The storms really show the awesome power of God. As Indianapolis prepared for the national spotlight of the NCAA Championship game, man's infrastructure and buildings were helpless before wind and rain. Despite the destruction (and even death) brought about by Sunday night's storm front, I think the storm sends an evangelistic message about the power of God and the complete inability of human beings to do anything about it.

On a lighter note, Torpor Indy says that God is punishing us for Daylight Savings Time. Well, you could say God sent the thunderstorms on Friday night as a warning not to go through with the switch and then brought His wrath down upon us for not heeding His warning.