Sunday, April 2, 2006

Restrictions on 527 groups?

Byron York exposes the effort by some Republicans to extend the un-American and anti-freedom atrocity known as "campaign finance reform". Some in the GOP (especially John McCain) are concerned about the Democratic slant of the 527 field:

Of the ten biggest 527s in 2004, Mitchell explained, seven were pro-Democrat. Of the top twenty, she said, 15 were pro-Democrat. Those 15 pro-Democrat groups raised $359,338,378. The five pro-GOP groups raised $85,363,370.

McCain has proposed legislation "that would limit contributions to 527s to $25,000 per person per year. That means (George) Sorosís $24 million would be cut to $50,000 in the next two-year cycle." Meanwhile, Indiana Republican Mike Pence supports an alternate path. Pence would tighten reporting requirements for 527s, but would leave contribution limits untouched. Pence's proposal would eliminate the overall inflation-adjusted contribution limit of $101,400 to all candidates and party committees. This would restore some of the strength political parties lost in 2004 with the contribution limits and the rise of 527 groups.

McCain is concerned about the 527 groups because of the damage they may do to him in 2008, so he is proposing even more restrictions on free speech. Once again, McCain has confirmed that he will not get my vote in 2008 if he is the Republican nominee.