Wednesday, March 1, 2006

You have GOT to be kidding me.

The hippies at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are at it again. They are suing the company that manages the Ringling Bros. circus, alleging industrial espionage.

PETA's hypocrisy is nothing short of stunning. It amazes me they can whine and cry about being allegedly spied on with a straight face. The following is from Web sites run by PETA.

"(I)ndustries that profit from animal suffering operate behind tightly locked doors, making it essential for animal advocates to bravely infiltrate these industries in order to document the behind-the-scenes lives and deaths of the animals being held there."

"Think you're cut out to be a behind-the-scenes hero for animals? If so, PETA's Research & Investigations Department would love for you to apply for a full-time position as an undercover investigator!"

"To apply, please submit your rsum and a cover letter describing your experience with animal rights and your interest in the position, as well the skills you possess that would benefit you in this job. If you are interested in applying for the position but need more information, please contact PETA with your questions, and tell us a little bit about yourself."

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"In the U.S., Covance’s censorship attempts also failed when it had to withdraw motions for both a temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction, which were aimed at preventing PETA U.S. from showing the video. Covance is still attempting to sue PETA U.S. for placing an undercover investigator in its laboratory, but its failure to gag either PETA U.S. or PETA Europe means that the public and the media will be able to watch the undercover footage as the case unfolds."

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"When undercover investigators made their way onto Chinese fur farms recently, they found that many animals are still alive and struggling desperately when workers flip them onto their backs or hang them up by their legs or tails to skin them. When workers on these farms begin to cut the skin and fur from an animal's leg, the free limbs kick and writhe. Workers stomp on the necks and heads of animals who struggle too hard to allow a clean cut."

"Undercover investigators from Swiss Animal Protection/EAST International recently toured fur farms in China's Hebei Province, and it quickly became clear why outsiders are banned from visiting."

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"recent undercover investigation into Stolle, a KFC supplier in Saterland, revealed hideous neglect and abuse of chickens—the same standard, routine cruelty that has surfaced during investigations into other KFC suppliers around the world and the same horrors that PETA has been working to end for more than two years."

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"A PETA undercover investigator went back inside the University of North Carolina (UNC), Chapel Hill, laboratories one year after we documented callous disregard and outright abuse of animals there. Had UNC cleaned up its act, given that hundreds of millions of dollars in research funds were at stake? No. In contrast to what UNC had assured the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the government agency that investigated our charges, we still found the animals severely overcrowded, left without veterinary care, and killed inhumanely."

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So what we have here is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals whining and crying about alleged "spying" when not only do they spy against the targets of their jihad, but they proudly tout such spying on their numerous Web sites!

Of course, this is certainly not the first time PETA has displayed brazen hypocrisy. As you may recall, PETA had a hissy fit when someone registered for a site titled "People Eating Tasty Animals". During this same time frame, the PETA hippies were in a court battle with Ringling Brothers over the domain name, which was registered by PETA and was an anti-circus propaganda site.

In a perfect world, PETA would be laughed out of court. As someone who believes in the rule of law, I reluctantly concede that if PETA's opponents did anything illegal, they should face sanctions by the legal system. That does not make PETA's whining and crying any less sickening and perverse. Furthermore, PETA's own spying should make them ineligible for any court-awarded damages.

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