Scott Tibbs
October 10, 2006

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Mike Bissey for MCCSC

To the Editor:

There are many critical races on the ballot this fall, and we should all go vote. I urge my fellow citizens to pay particular attention to the non-partisan election for MCCSC School Board. This race is as important as any on the ballot, because ensuring that Monroe County children get a good education is essential for the future health of our constitutional republic.

On November 7, I will be enthusiastically voting for Mike Bissey for MCCSC School Board. I first met Bissey a year and a half ago when he was campaigning against MCCSC's plans to conduct a sex survey and the dishonest "passive consent" system for that survey. I believe the sex survey controversy is indicative of an arrogance that is not appropriate for elected officials, especially a School Board.

After having known Mike Bissey for over a year, I am convinced that he will respectfully listen to the concerns of all parents and citizens living in the MCCSC school district. One of his many good ideas is to encourage more parental involvement, because no matter how good a teacher is, that teacher needs the help of parents when the child goes home.

Vote for Mike Bissey on November 7.

Scott Tibbs