Scott Tibbs
Bloomington Herald-Times
March 23rd, 2006

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Smoking is bad, but abortion is worse.

To the Editor:

The March 1 Herald-Times staff editorial urges women to not smoke while pregnant. While this is certainly good advice, I could not help but notice the irony in the concern over the harm smoking does to babies as they grow and develop in the womb.

The irony is the 46 million babies that have been killed by abortion since 1973. Closer to home, Planned Parenthood kills babies every week at their facility on South College. How is it that the harmful effects of tobacco can bring forth so much concern while we turn a blind eye to the holocaust going on all around us? We are either committed to safeguarding the health of unborn babies or we aren't.

The H-T editorial is typical of America's cognitive dissonance on abortion. Many "pro-choice" (where is the "choice" for the baby?) people claim to be "personally opposed" to abortion. Buy why are you "personally opposed" to abortion? Is there something there with rights that should be protected?

Pregnant women should not smoke, and neither should anyone else. However, the abortion industry is far more of threat to unborn children than tobacco has ever been or ever will be. The killing must stop.

Scott Tibbs