Scott Tibbs
blog post
December 29th, 2005

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Clinton/Lewinsky in textbooks

USA Today reports that a bit of recent history is showing up in history textbooks: the Clinton/Lewinsky "Zippergate" scandal.

On today's AM 1370 Afternoon Edition, the hosts were debating whether Lewinsky deserves a spot in history textbooks. I tend to think she does because disgraced ex-President Clinton lied under oath about his affair with Lewinsky that led to the entire impeachment debate. Furthermore, Paula Jones should be prominently mentioned as her sexual-harassment lawsuit against Clinton is what brought the Lewinsky scandal to light.

I think "Zippergate" presents an opportunity to teach America's youth about morality in government. Even if Clinton had not committed perjury, subornation of perjury and obstruction of justice, the affair would still cast a dark shadow over his presidency. Clinton defiled the Oval Office with his escapades. He turned a historic place into a trashy den of random sex acts.

The Drudge Report claims that one of Clinton's "sessions" with Lewinsky "reportedly took place as Yasser Arafat waited in the Rose Garden for his scheduled meeting with the President". What disrespect to his duties and his office! With the volatile situation in the Middle East, how could Clinton be so foolish? While Arafat may deserve no respect, the Middle East peace process certainly did.

Clinton and his defenders tried to make the case that "oral sex is not sex". The obvious foolishness of this claim aside, we can see the poor example that Clinton set for America's youth. Oral sex has become much more commonplace in middle schools and high schools, exposing many teens to various health problems. You can have three guesses as to what the excuse is for the increase of this practice and why oral sex is preferable to intercourse for American teens. I'm not saying Clinton is the reason this is taking place, because there are many factors as to why this is happening. Nonetheless, the President's behavior sets a powerful example for young people to follow.

Even if Clinton's behavior was "just about sex", it is more than enough to make him unfit for office.