Scott Tibbs
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November 28th, 2005

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Post-Thanksgiving observations on the news

It was a great holiday weekend, hanging out with family and (of course) having a big dinner. I could do without turkey for the next couple months though.

Now that I am back, here are some observations on recent news.

Thomas Sowell has a well-reasoned column regarding torturing terrorists. In the case of a nuclear threat by a terrorist group, Sowell asks: "are millions of Americans to be allowed to be incinerated because we have become too squeamish to get that information out of him by whatever means are necessary?" Post your opinion at Multi-Level Political Debate

Cam Edwards raises the alarm about "animal rights" terrorists. Now that these freaks are openly justifying murdering scientists, will they be taken seriously?

♣ A former teacher at a Catholic School in New York is suing her the school for terminating her. The New York Civil Liberties Union has taken up her case. In her own defense, she asks: "I don't understand how a religion that prides itself on forgiving and on valuing life could terminate me because I'm pregnant and choosing to have this baby."

Her complaint shows she is either ignorant of the church's teachings or that she is intentionally trying to draw attention away from her misbehavior. She was not fired for being pregnant and she certainly is not being fired for choosing not to have her baby dismembered. Her pregnancy is solid evidence that she has engaged in the sin of pre-marital sexual relations.

Teachers at the school are supposed to set an example for the students. Catholic teens are vulnerable to sexual sin just as other teens are. What are they to think if a teacher is allowed to continue working at the school after committing such a sin? "But she is a pre-school teacher, not a high school teacher", you might say. However, her example is there no matter what grade she teaches.

Yes, I am sure male teachers have committed the same sin and have not been "caught". That does not mean she should not be held accountable for her sin. There are many murders that go unsolved, which means that murderers have gotten away with their crimes. Does this mean we should let all murderers in prison go free?

The NYCLU is on the wrong side of this case. Freedom of association necessarily includes the freedom to not associate, and the First Amendment forbids government from restricting the right of a church to follow their beliefs. Michelle McCusker's rights were not violated by her former employer, but the school's rights will be violated if the government rules against the school.