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November 23rd, 2005

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Xbox 360

Well, the Xbox 360 is in the stores, and people were waiting in line to be able to play it the day it was released. On the AM 1370 Afternoon Edition, Don Moore was criticizing the Xbox and video gaming in general, saying it is unfortunate that people detatch themselves from reality.

Moore claimed Internet forums and/or chat rooms allow you to interact with real people in real time. That isn't entirely true: you can be whoever you want to be on the Internet. Interacting with people on the internet is a far cry fcrom interacting with people in real life.

In any case, video game systems allow the same level of interactivity as Internet forums, because the Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 all allow players to game online with other people, in addition to supporting voice chat. Plus, multiplayer games have been around for years before online gaming, where up to four people could play games like "Super Mario Kart" or football and basketball simulations.

Moore also said television was different because you do not interact with television. While that is true, is that really any better? Video games (especially games like the "Legend of Zelda" series) force the player to think and experiment to find the solution to a problem. It is much easier to "zone out" while watching television. Furthermore, video games improve hand-eye coordination.

There is a danger with any form of entertainment that someone could "detach from reality". Video games are no different. Video games get too much of a bad rap that they do not deserve.

As to the Xbox 360, I think people who are going to purchase one next-gen system would be better off waiting for the PlayStation 3. Apparently, the PS3 will be more powerful than the new Xbox, and will be backwardly compatible with PS2 games without an "optional" hard drive. One of the reasons I chose the PS2 over the Xbox in the first place is because the PS2 is backwardly compatible with PlayStation 1 games. That, and this Firefox user thinks that Microsoft does not need to dominate the video game industry like it does the computer industry.

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