Scott Tibbs
blog post
November 7th, 2005

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Renegade "judges" declare parenthood unconstitutional

Here an article on World Net Daily with serious implications for Monroe County, Indiana: the renegade "judges" in the Ninth Circuit have declared that parents do not have the right to sue for damages after a government school in California administered a "survey" containing graphic questions about sex.

As you may recall, MCCSC was planning to administer a "sex survey" last Spring before angry parents blew the whistle and protested in force. (See previous articles here, here, here, here, here.)

This is another example of why we need to purge the judicial system of activist "judges" who force their own will on the people rather than abide by the Constitution. Congress needs to take steps to limit the power of the courts. As I have said many times in the past, we are a constitutional republic, not a judicial oligarchy.

I have been very critical of the government school system, and this a perfect example as to why. All across the country, too many of those in charge at government schools think they know better how to raise the children in their care than parents do.

Government schools are a service to the people. They exist to provide a "free" education so that American young people are equipped to be productive members of society. However, many in the government school cabal think they know better how to raise your children than you do.

Many Christians feel that they must protect their children from the increasingly anti-God agenda of many government schools, so they decide to home school or send their children to independent schools. Not only do children generally get a better education outside of the government schools, they are shielded from the corrupting influence of an out-of-control bureaucracy.

Ultimately, though, Christians who flee from the government schools cannot abandon those government schools. We have a responsibility to be "salt and light", and to fight against the grave harm the educational cabal has for American youth. Everyone needs to become much more well-informed of what goes on in their local government schools, and keep up the pressure on elected officials.