Scott Tibbs
blog post
September 21st, 2005

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Dr. Laura gets tough with a caller

I was listening to Dr. Laura Schlessinger's radio program yesterday, and a woman calls up asks for advice on how she can help her 9 year old daughter get along with mommy's live in boyfriend.

Anyone familiar with Dr. Laura's radio program knows what happened next without even hearing the rest of the call. Dr. Laura berated the woman for living with a man out of wedlock, both from a moral perspective and because of the example the caller was setting for her daughter.

I just do not understand the mindset of people who call Dr. Laura with these kinds of questions. If you are shacking up and you have a child from a previous marriage, do not call Dr. Laura and ask her how to make it work. If you have been listening to the show for more than a couple days, you know how she is going to react to shacking up, so you should not be surprised when she rips out your spine and strangles you with it on the air.

It took me a few months to warm up to her program when I started listening, but I am a Dr. Laura fan. Her program is valuable for teaching moral standards, and she has a lot of courage to take the moral stand she does in today's culture. While I do not always agree with what she says, I respect that she is firmly grounded in moral principles and stands by what she believes.

That specific call was more valuable to Dr. Laura's large audience than to that caller. Dr. Laura's show is important because she takes moral standards and applies them to every day life.