Scott Tibbs
blog post
September 9th, 2005

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Planned Parenthood exploits tragedy

Just like after the September 11 terrorist attacks, Planned Parenthood is exploiting a tragedy to advance their agenda.

It is easy to think that Planned Parenthood is doing a good thing by making sure hurricane victims get birth control. However, I do not agree. Here are three problems I have with PP's actions.
  1. Some chemical forms of birth control (like the pill) can act as an abortafacient, killing a newly-formed human life. Even Planned Parenthood admits this on their web site. Such destruction of human life is more common with things such as the "morning after pill".
  2. The birth control culture (in addition to destroying newly-formed human life) leads to more surgical abortions by devaluing children. Instead of being a blessing and a miracle, a child is a "mistake" or a "problem". That makes it easier to justify killing that child.
  3. The birth control culture promotes the idea that sex is an act one can engage in without consequences. Removing moral constraints from sex is destroying our culture.
Yes, Planned Parenthood does some good things. Adolf Hitler got the trains to run on time and pulled Germany out of a terrible depression, but that doesn't erase the Holocaust. Planned Parenthood's active participation in the American Holocaust (which has killed 44 million people as opposed to Hitler's 12 million, according to recent estimates) erases the value of any "good" they do... and this is not a "good" act.

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