Scott Tibbs
blog post
September 2nd, 2005

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Observations on the news

There are several things I want to comment on, so I am doing it all in one post.
  • I have been hearing a radio ad chiding Congress for not spending enough on cancer research. The ad says that Congress will spend $2 trillion next year, but "only 1.4%" will go to needed research. When you do the math, that adds up to $28 billion. In other words, $28,000,000,000. I think that is worth pointing out.

  • The Monroe County Chronicle weighs in on Don Moore's inexcusable behavior at the August 17th meeting of the county Redistricting Commission. While the Chronicle scooped the Herald-Times (which still has yet to publish one single word on this story) you read it here at on August 19, August 22, and August 26.

  • Michael Wilkerson wrings his hands in his H-T column about "shopping while black", but the statement that really merits attention is when he mentions "an IU student explaining why, for him, it was just not possible to take an Economics test in Woodburn 100 with Thomas Hart Benton's Ku Klux Klan mural hovering over him." Let me be blunt. If you are not mature enough to take a test because you don't like a painting on the wall, you do not belong at a major state university like IU. Furthermore, Wilkerson brazenly lies about the work of art being a "Ku Klux Klan mural". It is a lot more than that, and he knows it.

  • The Bloomington Alternative brings us a story of a man who claims he was hit with the Taser 19 times while being booked into the county jail. While the use of the Taser was clearly justified (if you fight with jailers and police officers, you should expect them to use force) I really doubt that the man needed to be Tased 19 times. (This is assuming his story is true.) It is becoming clear that there are some problems in the Jail and the staff needs to be reigned in. I expect this will be a huge issue in the 2006 Sheriff race.

  • The Indiana Daily Student says that urinal screens in Indiana University bathrooms that say "you hold in your hands the power to stop sexual assault" are "unusual, yet potentially effective". I think it is not only stupid and childish, but is an insult to rape victims. It takes a very serious issue and turns it into a joke. It also places the blame for rape and sexual assault on all men, which is counterproductive and turns people off.