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Don Moore's behavior inexcusable, Part III

By Scott Tibbs, August 26, 2005

As could be expected, the local Democratic spin machine is in full gear, launching bitter personal attacks against me and trying to smear me because I exposed Don Moore's inexcusable behavior last week. (See previous posts here and here.) It reminds one of the scorched earth strategy used to defend President Clinton in 1998.

By taking the stubborn stance that he did nothing wrong, Moore (and his defenders) continues to damage himself, the Democratic Party, and Democratic elected officials including City Clerk Regina Moore. Some political damage was inevitable due to Moore's behavior. When a man physically intimidates a woman a foot shorter and 100 pounds lighter, it always looks bad. But Moore could have done a lot to minimize the damage by admitting his behavior was inappropriate and publicly apologizing to Margaret Fette. By refusing to admit he was wrong (even claiming he was justified) and bitterly attacking those who have called him on his behavior, Moore is keeping this controversy alive.

You have to wonder what Moore was thinking when he decided to confront Fette and wave his finger in her face. The redistricting is most likely going to happen, so the Democrats are going to have to make the best of it. Before Moore's outburst, Democrats had somewhat of a political advantage. They were getting their message out that the Republicans were reopening a process that is normally done every 10 years to benefit themselves politically. The newspaper was firmly on the side of the local Democratic Party. (But what else is new?) Now, Moore has become another Lucille Bertuccio and a liability not only to his party, but to his wife's re-election in 2007. While Democrats pooh-poohed Bertuccio's behavior by citing her age and small build, they cannot do the same with Don Moore, who towered over Fette.

But refusal to accept responsibility for one's behavior is not new among local Democrats. Consider the case of Scott Wells, who was convicted on two charge related to his 2002 drunk driving arrest. Wells sued state troopers Stacy Brown and Travis Coryea along with Bud and Amy Bernitt. Wells filed his lawsuit claiming he was the victim of a "brutally violent false arrest" along with "wrongful imprisonment and malicious prosecution". Keep in mind that Wells was convicted of "driving while intoxicated and disorderly conduct".

Just as with Wells, local Leftists have lined up to defend Don Moore's physically intimidating behavior. If Scott Wells is the Messiah of the Green Left, Don Moore must be His Prophet.

It is unfortunate, but not at all surprising, that the Herald-Times continues to ignore this story. There is plenty of information out there about Moore's behavior. The H-T's refusal to cover this story makes the newspaper look even worse when you consider that Fette has spoken to the Monroe County Commissioners about increased security at the next meeting.

Why Don Moore felt the need to physically confront Fette is beyond me. There are plenty of opportunities to respond to opinions you disapprove of without the type of behavior even Moore admits took place. Even if he truly believes he did nothing wrong, he should be a man an apologize to Fette as she legitimately felt intimidated by his behavior. But physically intimidating a much smaller woman is not a very manly thing to do in the first place.

Don Moore presents a much more civil face on the radio than he does outside of the media's glare, but his behavior on August 17 is no surprise to those of us familiar with his dark and vindictive side. It is long past time for both his party and Democratic elected officials to be publicly held accountable for Don Moore's inexcusable behavior.