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Don Moore's behavior inexcusable

By Scott Tibbs, August 19, 2005

I got a curious e-mail a couple days ago from Margaret Fette, the chair of the Monroe County Libertarian Party. Fette had attended the first meeting of the redistricting commission.

At the end of this meeting Don Moore, local D activist attacked me. He started yelling at me before the meeting had even adjourned. He acquesed me of being a "know nothing Libertarian", "You don't know anything", "Libertarians mean less than nothing", "I'm going to destroy you", and on like that.
On a local message board, a poster said he heard Moore "went off on Margarette Fette pretty hard" (sic), to which Moore replied:
Yes, after she publicly slandered the past redistricting committee again. She truly believes she has a license to say whatever she wants without a negative response.
Really? Later, bhsurfer posted the following:
The scary part was after the meeting adjourned and you ran over and started yelling and waving you finger in her face. It would seem that you hulk over her by at least a foot and have a good hundred pounds on her. It looked like you were trying to use your size to intimidate her out of speaking her mind. Your ranting was darn near violent.
Moore later admitted he waved his finger in Fette's face.

Does Moore's behavior strike anyone as remotely resembling acceptable political discourse? Does he think physically intimidating a much smaller woman is simply a "negative response"? (That was a real manly thing to do, by the way.) Moore could easily respond to something he thought inappropriate in a letter to the editor or a post on AssMoTax. Getting in her face is something a child would do. Now he and the Green Cult are blaming Fette for what happened, based on the laughable charge she "slandered" Democrats.

Don Moore's wife Regina is the Bloomington City Clerk, elected in 1999 and re-elected in 2003. Mrs. Moore has said a lot about the need to get more women involved in politics. She has (along with County Councilor Sue West) formed a group known as "Women Elected" to encourage more female participation in political process. What would Regina Moore say about her husband treating a female political activist in such an inappropriate and uncivil manner? Or does "W.E." only support women in politics if they fit the proper profile?

What about the three Democrats elected to the Monroe County Council last year? Michael Woods, Sophia Travis and Warren Henegar signed a campaign pledge to not only run a clean campaign, but to publicly rebuke supporters when they go over the line. Will those three condemn Don Moore for the way he treated Fette?

This goes beyond a simple campaign pledge or chatter about getting more women involved in politics, though. No matter how hard he and his supporters may spin to justify it, Don Moore's behavior was (and is) inexcusable. All local Democratic elected officials (Including Democrats on the city and county councils, Mayor Mark Kruzan, Democratic County Commissioner Iris Kiesling and others) must publicly repudiate Don Moore for his childish temper tantrum over Fette's opinions. The first in line to do that should be his wife Regina. Do local Democrats believe in civil discourse or not? Now is the moment of truth that will show where they stand.

Don Moore puts on a completely different face on Tuesday afternoons when he guest hosts the "Afternoon Edition" on AM 1370. His hateful rhetoric, name calling and venomous personal attacks give way to joking, laughter, and reasonable discussion of issues. Many have known for years that his true personality is very different from the face he presents on the radio. Margaret Fette discovered that for herself on Wednesday night.

Fette said in her email that "the press didn't bother to attend this meeting so we're unlikely to see this creep get called to the carpet." While the local newspaper may be behind the times again, www.ConservaTibbs.com is there to show you what the H-T missed. No member of the public should ever be subject to intimidation because of opinions he or she expresses to a government board in a public meeting. The redistricting process will be filled with enough partisan rancor without Don Moore verbally abusing political activists.