Scott Tibbs
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July 19th, 2005

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More eco-terrorism in Bloomington!

Ironically, the day of my latest warning about how serious of a threat "animal rights" terrorists are, eco-terrorists (who are cut from the same cloth as "animal rights" terrorists) struck again in Bloomington.

From the Indianapolis Star:
Black paint was splattered on the building's bricks and a red X was spray painted over an I-69 sign hanging an outside wall. The vandalism might have happened Sunday night, said Gary Abell, communications director for the Indiana Department of Transportation.

The vandals also hammered at the glass of the front door and a window, apparently in an attempt to break into the building along Indiana 45, he said. But the glass in the door and window were reinforced to resist attack, Abell said.

Last October, I was wavering on who I was going to vote for. I was not sure if I would vote for President George W. Bush because of some of his liberal policies. I was disappointed in the No Child Left Behind Act, which significantly expanded the role of the federal government into education. I was disgusted by the abomination known as "campaign finance reform". Since I knew Bush would win Indiana easily, the prospect of casting a protest vote was very appealing.

However, when Leftist thugs assaulted conservative pundit Ann Coulter (see previous writings here and here) I knew I had no choice but to vote for President Bush. When I saw Leftists making light of that terrorist act, I knew that I had to vote for the candidate who takes terrorism seriously, understands terrorists, and knows how to stop them. That candidate was George W. Bush.

The attack on the local I-69 office by ecoterrorists again confirmed this decision for me. Almost immediately, the local Left began their usual whining and crying about how the I-69 project itself is far worse than criminal activity by anti-highway activists. Of course, anyone whose home is "destroyed" by Interstate 69 will be fairly compensated as per the Fifth Amendment's while one can expect no compensation from criminals.

The Left just doesn't get it. One of the big reasons that George W. Bush was sent back to the White House for four more years is that the American people trusted him to deal with the type of fanatics that took down the World Trade Center, rather than John Kerry. When the Left refuses to take seriously (or, worse, makes light of) terrorist acts by Leftist radicals, they prove they do not have what it takes to win the War on Terror.

I ask the same question now that I asked last month: does destruction of public property really help the cause of highway opponents? Obviously the answer is no. In addition to being immoral, criminal acts only discredit and marginalize the very cause these "vandals" (terrorists) are trying to advance. When will these punks grow up?