Scott Tibbs
blog post
June 1st, 2005

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MCC on Election 2006

The Chronicle opines on the next election and wonders how Republicans will fare next year. Republicans control three of the four district seats on the County Council, but may have a difficult time retaining the two districts that lean Democrat. The only way Republicans can hope to win control of the County Council, though, is to win all four seats. With the heavily Democratic nature of District IV, the odds of a Republican sweep are low.

It will be interesting to see if Republicans can do anything against Peggy Welch, who seems to have an unbreakable grip on District 60. Welch, a pro-life, socially conservative (but fiscally Leftist) Democrat, has managed to pull large numbers of Republican votes in a Republican district in four consecutive elections. If Republicans are going to unseat Welch, they will need their best candidate.

I do not think it matters who runs against Matt Pierce in District 61, because his district is so solidly Democratic that Republicans have virtually no hope of winning it. I doubt that Richard Lugar could win that district even if he spent two million dollars to do it. Even so, Republicans should contest the seat, because we owe the voters an opportunity to make a choice. The right candidate could also help other Republicans.

Despite the dissapointing 2004 election and the completely unsurprising 2003 losses, it is important to remember that 2002 was a Republican year. There is no reason 2006 cannot be a Republican year as well.