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Expect fireworks tonight!

By Scott Tibbs, May 3, 2005

Tonight, the MCCSC School Board has their monthly meeting. While the infamous sex survey is not on the agenda, plenty of parents and concerned citizens plan to be there to protest MCCSC's attempt to make an end run around parents. Parents and concerned citizens are specifically objecting to the idea of "passive consent". (See previous posts here, here, here, and here.) Eric Miller, founder of Advance America and a candidate for Governor last year, will also be there tonight.

The agenda for tonight's MCCSC School Board meeting does not include the sex survey. However, there is a "public comment time" at the beginning of the meeting where parents and concerned citizens can express their opinions to the Board. I expect there will be many people waiting to do that. Hopefully, tonight's meeting will encourage the School Board to scrap the survey, or at least scrap the idea of "passive consent". MCCSC School Board members are all elected officials, and enough citizen outcry could make them think twice as they look ahead to 2006 and 2008.

The sex survey isn't the only egregious act by MCCSC in recent days. Last month, two students at Bloomington High School North were forced to violate the school dress code by wearing their jackets over the backs of t-shirts that expressed disapproval of homosexuality. (See previous posts here, here and here.)

Unfortunately, conservatives stayed on the sidelines of the 2004 MCCSC School Board election, so the School Board is dominated by Leftists. The controversy over the sex survey should provide enough motivation to recruit a conservative candidate in 2006. The question is whether conservatives will forget about this a year from now, or whether they will step into the ring to put a stop to this Leftist social engineering and enforcement of special rights.

Update: May 3, 2005

Active vs. Passive consent: the facts

Due to poor journalism by Monroe County's main newspaper, it has become necessary to clarify my post from earlier today.

The Herald-Times implied today that the sex survey will be conducted with active rather than passive consent. However, this is merely a recommendation by the administration. Several members of the MCCSC School Board are skeptical of active consent. Board member Sue Wanzer told me via electronic mail that she "will not support active permission."

This means passive consent for the sex survey is not out of the question, and parents and concerned citizens still need to put pressure on the MCCSC School Board.