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Say it ain't so, Regina: Part II

By Scott Tibbs, April 25, 2005

Some Bloomington Democrats are in a snit over my post from this past Friday.

As a refresher: an acquaintance who attended Al Sharpton's speech last week told me she overheard Bloomington City Clerk Regina Moore say something along the lines of "thank God they cut off questions before Scott Tibbs got to speak."

As is par for the course, local Democrats are ignoring the statement itself and instead whining about the fact that I reported it, and that I am a "right wing extremist". I've been derided as a "public scold" and a "creepy philodox". I've been called an "egotistical, narrow minded, definition impaired ass". My post has been described as indicative of "the gutteral depths" to which I have sunk. So, because they don't want to deal with the message, local Democrats have decided to trash the messenger.

I never claimed that my free speech rights were violated by Mrs. Moore's statement. (By the way: as of this writing no one, including her husband, has denied she made the statement.) The time for questions simply ran out and I had not reached the front of the line. Several other people were also unable to ask questions.

Nonetheless, I am disappointed that the elected City Clerk of Bloomington, who is supposed to serve all citizens of Bloomington, would express gratitude that one of her constituents was unable to speak at a public forum. This shows an unfortunate disrespect for the free exchange of ideas.