Scott Tibbs
blog post
March 14th, 2005

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Voter fraud bill should pass.

I had an opportunity to watch part of the "legislative update" from the League of Women Voters. Matt Pierce complained that a bill that would require a picture ID to vote placed too much of a burden on poor voters.

Pierce's argument rings hollow. The integrity of the electoral process is critical to our constitutional Republic. If people do not believe elections are decided in a legitimate way, our form of government loses credibility. While no one wants to deny people the right to vote, citizens bear a responsibility with their vote. Most importantly, those votes must be cast in a lawful manner.

I very much doubt that presenting a photo ID presents much of an obstacle for voters, as Pierce claims. How many people do not have a driver's license? I did not get my driver's license until I was 24 years old (yes, I am a loser) but at 18 I had a photo ID.

Pierce, of all representatives, should recognize why this is an important bill. Pierce represents a district with a highly transient population, as his district includes Indiana University. The vast majority of IU undergrads live in Pierce's district.

Voter fraud would be very easy in student neighborhoods. Since students move around a lot, it would not be difficult to get a list of names for students who have moved out of the county but not changed their voter registration. Unethical political operatives could then go to the targeted precincts and vote in place of the former resident.

Some of the bills killed by the Democratic walkout needed to die; Daylight Savings Time was one of them. A bill to prevent voter fraud, however, was not one of them.