Scott Tibbs

March 11th, 2005

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Andy Ruff's hypocrisy?

A letter in today's Herald-Times accuses City Councilor Andy Ruff of hypocrisy. The reasoning is that Ruff made some last minute changes to the Living Wage Ordinance and dismissed the objections of Republican City Councilor David Sabbagh as technicalities. Earlier, Democrats in the Indiana Legislature complained that the Republicans did not give them enough time to review legislation, which was one of the reasons they walked out and denied a quorum.

And how exactly does this make Andy Ruff a hypocrite?

Answer: it doesn't. Ruff is not a hypocrite because he did not take the exact same stance as other Democrats. You can only claim Ruff is a hypocrite if his own actions are inconsistent with previous actions or stated beliefs.

If you are going to claim that Andy Ruff is a hypocrite, you have to apply the same label to David Sabbagh on this issue. It does not apply there either.