Scott Tibbs
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December 12th, 2005

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Hillary and abortion

To the Editor:

Kathleen Parker says one way Hillary Clinton can win the Presidency is by taking a "middle of the road" stance on abortion. Apparently Ms. Parker has not been paying attention for the last 13 years.

Hillary Clinton is a radical feminist. Her husband, disgraced ex-President Bill Clinton, was a pro-abortion extremist while in office, and there is no reason to think Hillary will not be just as radical as he was. While Bill Clinton repeated the line about wanting abortion to be "safe, legal and rare", he vetoed a ban on partial-birth abortion. It isn't surprising that Democrats like the Clintons can call for abortion to be "rare" while opposing any steps to make it so. What is surprising is how some can buy this snake oil when there are 1.2 million abortions a year in America. That is over 3,200 babies killed per day.

Hillary Clinton is no moderate, but exposing her true ideology becomes more difficult when a columnist on a conservative web site is falling all over herself trying to place her into the "center" of an issue when she is actually on the far Left.

What Parker fails to understand is that there is no "middle ground" on this issue. You either believe killing unborn children should be legal or you do not. When pro-lifers refuse to compromise with the pro-"choice" crowd, it is not about who wins a political battle, it is about protecting the unborn from an abortion industry that has killed more people than Adolf Hitler could dream of.

It is important to understand why some pro-abortion advocates oppose any compromise, even bans on procedures as heinous as PBA. They understand that once you establish protections for unborn life, the whole house of cards is in danger of collapsing. Viability of the fetus (a standard established by Roe for when government can limit or ban abortion) is getting earlier in the pregnancy thanks to advances in medical technology. Once you establish a line where unborn life deserves protection, what about babies who are a few days younger than that point? What about a week? Two weeks?

Moderation is not a virtue, especially not on fundamental moral issues like abortion. Instead, it is the coward's way out, an effort to maximize votes while whoring your principles.

Scott Tibbs