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Don Moore's behavior inexcusable

Bloomington Herald-Times, September 12, 2005

To the Editor:

At the end of the first meeting of the Redistricting Commission on August 17, Democratic activist Don Moore confronted Libertarian Margaret Fette, wagged his finger in her face, yelled at and insulted her. Moore is significantly taller and heavier than Fette, so his behavior was physically intimidating. Fette later asked the County Commissioners to provide better security at these meetings.

Moore's behavior is inexcusable. If his wife, City Clerk Regina Moore, truly believes in getting women involved in politics, she will publicly repudiate her husband. Otherwise, she will show that her "Women Elected" group (which she co-founded for that purpose) means nothing. If the Democrats elected to the County Council in 2004 do not denounce Don Moore, they will prove that the "clean campaign" pledge they took last year also means nothing.

Does a man who physically intimidates much smaller women deserve to have a spot co-hosting the AM 1370 Afternoon Edition on Tuesdays? I think not. AM 1370 should release Don Moore and find a more suitable host to provide a Leftist perspective.

No matter how much Don Moore might disapprove of Fette's opinions, his behavior (which was far worse than Lucille Bertuccio's 2001 outburst) is unacceptable.

By Scott Tibbs
Note: The H-T edited my letter, removing the statement about Bertuccio.

I have covered this story extensively on my blog. See posts from August 19, August 22 and August 26.