Scott Tibbs
Open letter to the Monroe County Commissioners and County Council
July 07th, 2005

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County government should not raise taxes

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From: Scott Tibbs <>
Subject: No tax increase for Options for Better Living
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 17:50:42 -0700 (PDT)

To the Monroe County Commissioners and Monroe County Council,

County Commissioner Herb Kilmer is reporting that the County Council and Commissioners will soon be voting on whether to increase county property taxes to give a subsidy to Options for Better Living. The Commissioners will approve an agreement and the Council will then fund it. County property taxpayers could potentially see a $400,000 tax increase. Kilmer said that while the main property tax levy is frozen, the county's mental health fund is not at the maximum levy.

I oppose any increase in the county's property tax levy to give a tax subsidy to a specific social service agency. While I understand that OBL does many good things in this community and is an organization worthy of praise, I cannot approve of increasing the burden on the already-overtaxed people of Monroe County.

Even though this tax increase is not on the county general levy, it sends a bad message to county employees, who are actually making less money this year than they were last year due to increased insurance costs combined with the lack of pay raises. I encourage you to "cut the fat" out of the county budget (which includes all monies sent to social service agencies and the BEDC) and work on ways to fund the basic costs of county government and making sure county employees are fairly compensated.

In lean economic times, government must tighten its belt just as business and private citizens must tighten their belts. If you want to help Options for Better Living, write them a check from your personal bank account and encourage others to do the same. I expect that if you approve this burden on county taxpayers, that you will also write them a check from your personal bank account to show the people of this county that you truly believe in the vote you are casting.

Scott Tibbs