Scott Tibbs

Bloomington Herald-Times, June 29th, 2005

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H-T article was insufficient

To the editor:

The Herald-Times' June 16 article on the City Council's vote to fund social services was insufficient.

The H-T failed to mention that funding for Planned Parenthood was again a controversial topic, or that 300 people signed a petition to oppose the taxpayer subsidy to America's largest abortion provider. On Thursday morning, the only way to get a report on the Planned Parenthood controversy was to visit

As was the case for the previous six times the City Council voted to give tax money to Planned Parenthood, the councilors had their minds made up long before the meeting began. (One possible exception was Andy Ruff, who was very open to opposing arguments in the weeks leading up to the meeting.) Chris Sturbaum, while he did not have a legal conflict of interest, nonetheless did an honorable thing by declining to vote. Sturbaum's spouse works for Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood affiliates nationwide made a combined profit of over $35 million in the last fiscal year, according to PP's Web site. Planned Parenthood of Indiana made a $1.4 million profit over the 18 months included in the most recent fiscal report on PPIN's Web site. PP does not need this handout.

Scott Tibbs, Bloomington