Scott Tibbs
blog post,
November 11th, 2004

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The Left just doesn't get it.

There is no need to be sorry. President Bush won his bid for re-election, and 59,769,909 people voted to send the George W. Bush back to the White House for four more years. George W. Bush had 3,461,156 more votes than his opponent.

The Left just doesn't get it. Either they are in denial of the American people's endorsement of President Bush ("There has to be voter fraud!") or they blame the voters. People who voted for Bush are either stupid or they were motivated by hatred and intolerance.

I understand frustration over not being able to unseat President Bush. As the Angry German says:

"This president couldn't have been more hated by the democrat base. I move to state that no presidential candidate the Republicans can run will be as hated as George Bush is by the democrats."
But blaming the voters is not going to help the Democrats stem the tide of republican victories.

Not only did George W. Bush win re-election, but the GOP strengthened its' grip on the House and the Senate, after strengthening their hold on Congress in the 2002 elections.

The reaction of the Democrats reminds me of 1994. As you recall, commentators called 1994 the year of the "angry white male".

The Dems are dangerously close to marginalizing themselves with their elitism. When you tell people who did not vote for you that they are either stupid or motivated by hate, you make it more difficult to convince them to vote for you in the future. Why would someone vote for a political party that thinks so little of them?

If the Democrats want to avoid more losses in 2006 and 2008, they need to recognize the fact that the majority of the American people looked at the candidates, records and platforms of both parties and chose the Republicans.

This does not mean that the Dems should abandon their principles. What it does mean is they are going to have to connect with the American people and work to spread their message, rather than blaming the voters for being too dumb or hateful to make the right decision.