Scott Tibbs
blog post
November 1st, 2004

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Protecting the integrity of the electoral process

Monroe County Republican Party chairman John Shean told the Sunday Herald-Times that Republicans will be ready to challenge voters who may not be properly registered to vote. Demoratic Party Chairman Dan "Carp" Combs whined that this was a way to intimidate low-income, homeless, and minority voters.

"Carp" should know something about homeless voters. From the January 8, 1995 Herald-Times:

A longtime two-mile fringe dweller, Combs said he still feels confident that the tent he pitched behind city hall and the other steps he took to establish city residency would have met election requirements.

Shean's announcement is important for two reasons. First, the integrity of the electoral system is vital to our constitutional republic. If elections are won by fraud, then faith in the electoral system breaks down. Second, the fact that Shean announced that the GOP would be ready to challenge suspicious voters provides a deterrant to those who would commit fraud to help elect their candidates.

Just a year ago, he was hysterical about IU students voting absentee by mail if they were not actually going to be out of the city on election day. Now Combs is upset that the Monroe County GOP wants to prevent fraud, when they had a tantrum about legitimate voters casting an absentee ballot instead of voting on election day? Talk about hypocrisy!

Bravo to Shean for protecting the integrity of the electoral process, and shame on Combs for opposing Shean's efforts.