Scott Tibbs
blog post
October 7th, 2004

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Abortion in the news

30 states are poised to ban abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned, says the Center for Reproductive Rights.

I doubt it is quite that simple. Legislation on highly contentious issues like abortion takes a while to move through a state legislature. Even in Texas, which the CFRR says is a "high risk" state in terms of banning abortion, Democrats in the Legislature could use tactics that would prevent a ban from being passed. Democrats walked out of the legislative session and fled the state to obstruct a vote on redrawing Congressional districts, so I imagine that tactic could be used again, and not just in Texas.

But this report gives me hope, nonetheless. I've criticized President Bush on several occasions throughout his Presidency. I've considered voting Libertarian in a protest vote, especially after the Supreme Court declared the McCain-Feingold "campaign finance reform" law to be constitutional despite directly conflicting with the clear words of the First Amendment.

But The most important issue of our time is the 1.2 million babies dying each year at the hands of abortionists, with well over 40 million slaughtered since 1973. if there is a real chance to reduce the number of children being murdered in America's abortion clinics, Bush has solidified my support.

In other abortion-related news, Senator Tom Daschle still refused to describe himself as "pro-choice" despite controversy over a letter he wrote to NARAL seeking support against the "anti-choice" Republican leadership. Daschle claims he is personally anti-abortion and supports alternatives but opposes making it illegal.

Daschle is trying to spin his way out of an uncomfortable position, but once you clear away the rhetoric and look at the facts, the truth becomes clear. Tom Daschle is pro-abortion. Daschle claims to be personally opposed to abortion, but why is that? Does he believe that abortion ends a human life? Does he believe the unborn child is a person?

If so, Daschle is either a coward who is afraid to stand up to the pro-abortion democratic leadership or a political whore who sells his principles for votes. If you believe that abortion kills a human being, you cannot stand by while over 1,200,000 babies are murdered each year.