Scott Tibbs
blog post
June 28th, 2004

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Ban smoking in people's homes?

I remember asking supporters of the smoking ban last year, if we can ban smoking in "public places" to protect the health of customers and workers, will the next step be to ban smoking in people's homes?

It may be closer than you think. A new report details the harm to children from being exposed to secondhand smoke. The Indianapolis Star quotes an anti-smoking advocate as saying "(This report) an opportunity for states and policy makers to think about the cost savings associated with (smoking) cessation."

From the logic of those who advocate a Nanny State, it makes sense to ban smoking in homes with children. In fact, it actually makes more sense to ban smoking in homes with children than to ban smoking in "public places". After all, while customers have a choice of whether to patronize an establishment that allows smoking and employees have a choice whether to work in such an establishment, children do not have that choice.

How far are you willing to allow government to go?