Scott Tibbs
Blog post
June 06, 2004

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President Reagan passes away

President Reagan has passed away.

President Reagan was a great man and a great President. His aggressive foreign policy hastened the downfall of the Soviet Union, which he correctly dubbed the "Evil Empire". This was President Reagan's biggest accomplishment.

Reagan revitalized the conservative movement, giving strength to the notion that "government is not the solution, government is the problem."

It is unfortunate that some on the Left cannot let go of their hate for President Reagan long enough to let his family grieve. Following are some comments from

  • "malatesta1137": "I say GOOD RIDDANCE. And I'm jubilant he's gone today rather than 4 months from now, when he could help Bush get 'reelected'."
  • "Angelus": "Good riddance. One less repuke on this planet."
  • "wtracy": "Good riddance. One less asshole on the planet."
  • "Liberal_Guerilla": "May he rot in hell."
  • "TankLV": "Fuck him. Good riddance to bad rubbish."
  • "dumpster_baby": "I PISS on the grave of Ronald Reagan (figuratively, of course)... May he burn in hell.....(if there were such a place, that is)."
Shame on these people.

I will not say that it is inappropriate to discuss President Reagan's record as President during this sad time. It's one thing to discuss his performance as President. It is another thing entirely to launch the hateful personal attacks seen at "Democratic Underground". This kind of personal vindictiveness has no place in American politics.