Scott Tibbs
blog post
March 22rd, 2004

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Thoughts on the killing of Ahmed Yassin

Israel assassinated Palestinian terrorist Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the founder and leader of Hamas.

I can't say I'm sad to see Yassin dead. His terrorist group has been murdering innocent civilians for over two decades in a reign of terror against Israel. Known as the "Palestinian Osama bin Laden", he was as legitimate a target as any.

Palestinian terrorists have promised revenge against both Israel and the United States. Israel took a gamble in killing Yassin, because it could escalate the war. But the war has already been escalated. There will never be peace in the Middle East until Israel is wiped out of existence, because Israel's enemies will only be satisfied with its complete destruction.

The United States should support our ally Israel during this time.

Update: There has been an outpouring of grief and rage over the assassination of terrorist monster Ahmed Yassin. Here's my question: why grieve for this man? This is a guy who sent people to kill themselves just to get a shot at slaughtering women and children.

We have our own revolutionaries we look up on, such as George Washington. But Washington never sent in people to kill themselves trying to slaughter women and children.

It really shows the depths of hate many Arabs have for Israel when they idolize and grieve for a monster like Yassin.

Update: In his March 22 column, Joel C. Rosenberg attacks the Bush administration for being less than enthusiastic defending Israel in statements about Israel's killing of terrorist slime Ahmed Yassin.

The problem with Rosenberg's argument is that the Bush Administration has been anything but weak in support of Israel. Everyone knows that the United States is Israel's ally and will continue to be. We supply Israel's military and have a strategic alliance with them. But Bush has to maintain good relations with Arab nations as well, and sounding off in support of the assassination is a bad idea diplomatically.

As a conservative blogger, I can be much more bold in my support of Israel, but I am not the leader of the free world. Bush has to consider what reaction his words will bring in our relations with other countries. I am certain that Bush privately approved of killing Yassin, whether he expressed those sentiments to Israel or not.

There are legitimate areas where conservatives can criticize the Bush administration. This is not one of them.