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John Kerry is an easy target for the GOP - Part I

By Scott Tibbs, February 06, 2004

I found the New York Times article on potential GOP attacks on John Kerry quite interesting.

Kerry was Lieutenant Governor under Michael Dukakis, and supported the prison furlough plan that let Willie Horton free to rape and terrorize an innocent family. His voting record does indeed mirror that of Leftist icon Ted Kennedy.

According to his campaign Web site, Kerry says he will "roll back" President Bush's tax cuts. In other words, Kerry supports a large tax increase. But the end result of Kerry's tax increase is not a burden on corporations, but will be passed on to consumers.

Kerry says he will work to restore the jobs lost under President Bush to a recession that began under Bill Clinton. How does he plan to do this? Will he advocate more government programs?

Kerry likes to wrap himself in his Vietnam service, but that will not erase the fact that his ideological stands (including opposition to a ban on partial-birth abortion) are out of step with the average American. While I admire Kerry's service to his country, that does not qualify him to be President. Kerry is unlikely to be the only Senator other than John F. Kennedy to be elected President since before 1900.