Scott Tibbs
October 8th, 2004

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Vote Libertarian in District 61

To the editor:

There is no Republican candidate for state representative in District 61 this year. So what is a Republican to do? Answer: vote Libertarian. Nicholas Blesch, a senior at Indiana University, was nominated by the Libertarian Party over the summer to run for state representative.

The state of Indiana went from a $2 billion surplus to a deep deficit under a Democratic governor and a Democratic House of Representatives. Advance America has pointed out that spending has increased more than the rate of inflation. This kind of spending is one thing in good economic times, but with the recession that began at the end of the Clinton administration and was deepened by Sept. 11, the Legislature's free-spending ways caused significant problems. We need someone like Blesch who believes in limited government and fiscal responsibility to represent us in the Legislature.

Another reason to vote for Blesch is the Build Indiana Fund scandal. An investigation by the Indianapolis Star in 2001 revealed that large sums of taxpayer dollars were allocated in violation of the law. The Indiana Libertarian Party has been very critical of the BIF, pointing out that it is used to buy votes.

Vote for Nicholas Blesch on Nov. 2.

Scott Tibbs