Scott Tibbs
Bloomington Herald Times,
September 9th, 2004

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Paul Hager supported for State Representative

To the editor:

I have been a pro-life activist for several years. I see abortion, with well over a million babies being killed every year in America alone, as one of the great tragedies of history. So it may seem strange to some that I am supporting a pro-choice Republican over a pro-life Democrat in the District 60 State Representative race.

The reason I support Paul Hager is that I recognize the realities of the state Legislature. A pro-life Democrat actually harms the pro-life cause because she contributes to Democratic control of the Speaker's chair and committee chairmanships. The Democrats then prevent pro-life legislation from getting to the floor of the Indiana House. We saw this in action with the Pharmacist's Conscience bill sponsored by Representative Welch.

A victory by Paul Hager would put Republicans closer to control of the House, which means that pro-life legislation would be voted on rather than tied up in committee. Furthermore, Hager has good views on limiting state taxes and spending. Hager will not advance "nanny state" legislation the way his opponent has.

When it comes to protecting unborn human life, results matter, and a vote for Paul Hager is a vote for results.

Scott Tibbs