Scott Tibbs
Submitted to the Indiana Daily Student,
August 29th, 2004

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Vote Libertarian in District 61
State Representative race

To the Editor:

The Indiana Daily Student had two interesting articles in its August 27 edition on the Libertarian candidates for President and Governor. Interestingly enough, the Libertarian candidate for President served as executive vice president of Teter Quad.

But there is another Libertarian candidate this year who has more direct connections to IU. IU Student Nick Blesch is running for State Representative in District 61, which includes all of the IU campus and surrounding areas.

A vote for Blesch would be a good choice. He believes in constitutional liberties like freedom of speech and the right to keep and bear arms. Blesch would not support the kind of irresponsible spending that brought Indiana from a large surplus to a large deficit. Blesch would work to keep taxes low and keep the government out of your life and your business.

One problem with voting Libertarian in the race for President or Governor is a concern that it will split the vote. But the Republican Party was unable to find a candidate to challenge the Democrat incumbent in District 61 this year, so there is no worry that a vote for Blesch will split the vote of people who believe in limited government.

The Libertarian candidate for State Representative in District 61 had an impressive showing (for a third party candidate) in 2002. I believe Blesch can improve on that showing, but he will need the support of IU students to do it. If you aren't registered to vote in Monroe County, please do so and vote for Nick Blesch for State Representative.

Scott Tibbs