Scott Tibbs
Herald-Times, February 09, 2004

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Let the church build

To the Editor:

I support the Church of the Good Shepherd's plan to build a new church building on the "goat farm" on Bloomington's south side.

I disagree with the "not in my back yard" approach taken by opponents of this project. The objections to CGS's building could be applied to practically any structure built in a residential area in Bloomington.

While concern about noise is legitimate, this is a church we're talking about. Church members will be more than courteous to neighbors when it comes to noise issues, as commanded by Luke 6:31. I'm sure this can be worked out to the satisfaction of all parties. Traffic will be less of a problem with the new site than it is now, where getting out of the parking lot can be an adventure when traffic from other nearby churches increases the load on Winslow Road.

The Church of the Good Shepherd has been a good neighbor. Volunteers from CGS have raked leaves for neighbors around the church and are active in helping those less fortunate through ministries to Hannah House and Backstreet Missions. The church takes up a regular offering specifically to help those in need.

CGS needs a new building to meet the needs of the congregation, consolidate church facilities, and to aid the church in continuing to be an asset to the community. I implore the Board of Zoning Appeals to allow this project to move forward, in the interest of religious freedom and the good of the community at large.

Scott Tibbs