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We must draw a line in the sand for Terri Schiavo

Scott Tibbs, October 31, 2003

Some people say too much time and effort has been put into saving Terri Schiavo. They say, "Couldn't we do more good saving all the starving children in the world?"

I could not disagree more. First, there's no reason feeding needy children has to conflict with saving Terri's life. That is a Hobson's choice.

This case is very important, from the perspective of saving Terri but also because the court system in this country ordered someone murdered. There is a principle that must be defended here. This is why I have said that Governor Jeb Bush should have simply ignored the judge's decision to starve Terri to death. The judge was acting outside his authority, and acted against the Constitution. Governor Bush took an oath to uphold the Constitution, and that means stepping in to stop an out-of-control "judge".

We have to take a stand on this now, because our courts have fully embraced the culture of death. A "judge" actually ordered a living person, a person who can be seen on video footage reacting to external stimuli, starved to death.

How many times have the courts thrown out bans on partial-birth abortion? Too many, that's for sure. Now the courts are preying on people at the other end of the spectrum, the disabled, the infirm, and the elderly. We have to draw a line in the sand. The court system, which was supposed to be an avenue for people to seek protection from an oppressive state, has now become an instrument of oppression itself.