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Democrats prove themselves unfit for office

Scott Tibbs, September 25, 2003

The firestorm of "political correctness" over comments made by Rush Limbaugh on ESPN's NFL Sunday Countdown is yet another example of Leftist intolerance to views they disagree with. Limbaugh resigned from the program yesterday.

What exactly was wrong with Limbaugh's comments? He said the media was overrating Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb because they wanted a black quarterback to succeed. Does that suddenly put him in the KKK next to Democratic Senator Robert Byrd? Limbaugh was commenting on what he sees as the "politically correct" views of the media.

This controversy showcased why at least three Democrats are unfit to hold the White House. Wesley Clark, Howard Dean, and Al Sharpton all called on ESPN to fire Limbaugh. Clark and Dean are the front runners for the Democratic nomination, and the prospect of either in the White House is chilling.

This country was built on freedom of speech. While ESPN certainly has the right to hire and fire whomever they wish, the fact that Presidential candidates are calling for Limbaugh to be fired over his "politically incorrect" comments shows a disregard for free speech that should be nowhere near the Oval Office. If Democratic Presidential candidates want to criticize Limbaugh for what he said, they are free to do so. But a statesman would have more respect for free speech than to make these comments. I expect this from Sharpton, who was caught on tape in a cocaine deal and who shamelessly slandered several prominent men in New York with the fraud that was the Tawana Brawley "rape" case. Dean and Clark should know better.

Thanks to this political correctness, the only NFL team I root against more than the Eagles is the Atlanta Falcons . (After all, they are in the same city as Major League Baseball's Atlanta Braves.) This Chicago Bears fan would even root for the Green Bay Packers over the Eagles.