Scott Tibbs
Printed in the Indiana Daily Student
October 22, 2003

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City elections are important

To the Editor:

City elections are coming up on November 4, and it is important that everyone who is registered to vote get to the polls and vote for the candidates of their choice. In many places around the world, people wish they had the right to choose their elected leaders like we do here in the USA.

City government affects your life more directly than state or federal government, and it is in local elections where your vote has the most impact! Voter turnout was painfully low four years ago. A few votes per precinct would have changed at least three elections. The Republicans missed snagging one of the at-large City Council seats by only 100 votes, and the races for districts 4 and 6 were very close as well. Winning those seats would have put Republicans in the majority on the City Council. Your vote matters!

There are good reasons to get out to vote this year. Republican candidate for Mayor Fred Prall made a positive impact years before even deciding to run. It was Prall's leadership on the Fire Safety Commission that put pressure on city government to give the Bloomington Fire Department what it needs to protect your home and your family. Thanks to Prall, the city passed a plan to address the manpower and equipment needs that had been ignored for too long.

Furthermore, Prall has been an advocate for responsible fiscal policy for years. You can trust that Fred Prall will focus on making our city better.

Scott Tibbs