Scott Tibbs
Printed in the Indianapolis Star
October 14, 2003

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This does not look good.

To the Editor:

The Indianapolis Star reported on October 12 that Matthew W. Raibley, a former human services official in Indiana state government, spent at least $2.8 million under questionable circumstances. This follows on the heels of the Build Indiana Fund scandal and the revelation in 2002 that someone convicted of identity theft had access to sensitive records with the Public Employee's Retirement Fund, not to mention a $900 million budget deficit and a new system for property tax reassessment that caused many people's taxes to dramatically increase.

Governor Joe Kernan took office September 14 after the tragic death of Governor Frank O'Bannon. Kernan had sent shock waves through Indiana politics when he announced he would not run for governor. Many people theorized that Kernan may change his mind and run after all now that he is the governor. This story certainly puts a damper on hopes Kernan might have to lead the state.

I think the lesson here, with two major scandals (The BIF and PERF) in two years and the possibility of a third, is that we need new leadership in Indianapolis. Kernan may be a good man personally, but the mess that Hoosiers have been left with during his term as Lieutenant Governor is not something we need more of in 2004. What would Democratic candidates Vi Simpson and Joe Andrew is do differently to fix the problems created by the Democratic administration they hope to replace?