Scott Tibbs
Submitted to 07-26-2002

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PETA's tactics disturbing

Re: CNS News article

To the Editor:

Imagine for a moment the National Rifle Association using bikini-clad Playboy models as part of a "Guns are sexy" campaign. Can you hear the National Organization for Women shrieking?

You are only beginning to hear objections to the same tactic being used by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Using scantily clad Playboy models adds nothing to the merit of PETA's arguments. It's clear that PETA is using sex to bring attention to an extremist agenda that most people rightly ignore.

This is the same PETA that sued an individual for buying the rights to the domain name for the purposes of setting up a "people eating tasty animals" web site while at the same time hosting to promote propaganda against circuses. PETA since lost the name in a lawsuit, but the obvious hypocrisy of Ingrid Newkirk's group is staggering.

Unfortunately, animal-rights activists won't stick to activities that make them look like fools. The Animal Liberation Front claimed responsibility for a May 3rd arson at a poultry distribution plant in Bloomington, Indiana. Animal-rights activists are suspected in the use of "military-type smoke bombs" in Seattle targeting companies that do business with the biomedical research firm Huntingdon Life Sciences, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. PETA's support for the ALF and the Earth Liberation Front as reported by CNS News shows that even "legitimate" groups are connected.

CNSNews has done a great job of exposing both the foolish and dangerous nature of PETA, and the American people would do well to pay attention.

Note: PETA has since lost the domain name as it now points to the Web site for the Ringling Brothers circus.