Scott Tibbs
Submitted to the Washington Times, 01-14-2002

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Don't use Enron for scandal-mongering

To the editor:

As the unfortunate situation surrounding Enron develops, I hope that the company's collapse does not become a vehicle for a partisan witch-hunt. There are rumblings that some Democrats want to "get even" over the impeachment of Bill Clinton, and are hoping that the Enron debacle would allow them to attack President Bush. There is no evidence, or even any allegations that would indicate that an investigation into the President or his administration is necessary. In fact, President Bush has been quite forthcoming in this matter and has ordered his Attorney general to fully investigate the circumstances surrounding Enron's collapse.

The President's opponents have every right to pursue their agenda, or to oppose an agenda that they disagree with. Such are our rights and privileges in a Constitutional republic. But, during a time of war just over four months after the September 11th terrorist attacks, it would be irresponsible to conduct a fishing expedition in hopes of finding something damaging to the President. Those who believe Clinton was wrongly treated during his years in the White House should be especially wary of needless partisan scandal mongering. I hope the Democratic leadership does not allow a desire for revenge by some in their party to overshadow what is good for America.