Scott Tibbs
Printed in the Herald-Times, 07-26-2000

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Perry's plan unwise

To the Editor:

Dr. Paul Perry has said a lot about health care in his run for Congress, and his proposals have concerned me greatly. Both the "patients bill of rights" and the prescription drug benefits touted by Perry would greatly enhance the size of the federal government, and the prescription drug benefit would create a brand new federal entitlement. As with other federal entitlements, this one is virtually guaranteed to grow out of control. How many times have we seen politicians at any level of government propose a new program, and then watched as the cost went into the stratosphere?

In 1993 and 1994, Hillary Clinton led a task force that came up with a plan for a massive government takeover of 15% of the U.S. economy. Realizing they could not get Clinton Care in one fell swoop, the Left began moving with smaller pieces of legislation, building socialized medicine brick by brick. Perry's proposals are two big building blocks on the way to Clinton Care.

It's amusing to watch people express concern about private monopolies, while laying the groundwork for a federal monopoly in health care. Perry's bit-by-bit version of Clinton Care would deny choice and drive up prices. Meanwhile, effective market-based incentives to lower health care prices, like tax-free medical savings accounts, are bitterly opposed by Leftists in Congress and the President.

When I get my paycheck, 25% goes to government before I even see it. Without those taxes, paying for rent, utilities and food would be much easier. I'm not doing well financially as it is, so the thought of a massive federal entitlement that would raise my taxes is not appealing.

I don't want government controlling my life, and I don't need government to help me make the right decisions. I just want to be left alone.