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Offended by School Board

Bloomington Herald-Times, February 24, 2000

To the Editor:

I attended the School Board's meeting with the local legislators on February 19. Unfortunately, while I arrived before 11:30, they started the meeting before it was advertised to begin in the Herald-Times. I was happy to see the article in the February 20 Sunday Herald-Times detailing comments the School Board made before I arrived about home schoolers.

I was deeply offended by some of the comments made by our School Board. To suggest that parents who sacrifice their time and finances to home school their children are simply looking for a way to get around compulsory public education is asinine.

I suggest the School Board do some research on how home school children do better than children educated in government schools on standardized tests across the board. The evidence is clear on just how well home school children do academically. And socialization not nearly the problem you would think. Many home school children do very well socially.

In addition, I was flabbergasted and infuriated by the comments of School Board member Lea Jaffee. She was quoted as saying "How can you document when the child is home sleeping every morning and his mom's drunk and doesn't want to get up and get him off to school?" Thank you, Ms. Jaffee, for slandering home schoolers in Monroe County, and all over Indiana.

The MCCSC School Board, after attempting to ram through a $6.88 million tax increase last Fall, is again showing their elitist tendencies with their assumption that the one-size-fits-all government schools are automatically the best, and that home school parents are too stupid or morally bankrupt to care for their own children. I sincerely hope every single voter in the MCCSC school district remembers this elitism and slanderous comments when it comes time for School Board members to be re-elected.

Scott Tibbs