Scott Tibbs
January 30th, 2000

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Gore's lies make him unfit for office

To the editor:

For the last seven years, we have had a President with no integrity whatsoever. In November, we will be in danger of having such a leader for another four years.

Vice President Al Gore personifies that danger. After a decidedly pro-life career in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate, Gore sold his soul to the pro-abortion extremists that dominate the Democratic Party, because one simply cannot be pro-life and expect to advance in the Democratic Party.

Now it appears that Gore has not only sold his soul, he is denying he ever had one to begin with. Despite the fact that the National Right to Life Committee gave him an 84% pro-life voting record and the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action league described his House career as "decidedly anti-choice", Gore is claiming he was always pro-choice. Yeah, and I've got some ocean front property in Arizona I would be happy to sell you.

For Gore to lie so blatantly about something so easily disproven throws severe doubt onto his character and his judgement. We don't need four more years of lies, dodges and half-truths. We don't need four more years of not being able to trust anything our President says. And we certainly don't need four more years of a President pushing more taxes, more spending, and a radical left-wing social agenda that goes directly against traditional American values. It's absolutely imperative that we elect a Republican in November, whether that Republican be George Bush Jr., Steve Forbes, Alan Keyes or Gary Bauer.

Scott Tibbs